Top 5 Best Egg Slicer Cutter in India For 2021 – Reviews

Are you looking for a Best egg slicer in India? If yes, then you are in the right place. 

An egg slicer is a device that consists of a shell articulated onto a cutter made of a series of hard wires. Each wire acts as a cutting tool, cutting the eggs when the cutter is pressed. The eggs are placed on the side of the pan and the cutters are closed on the eggs, getting slices of the same thickness.

Eggs can be turned and cut a second or even a third time to cut the eggs into as small pieces as you like. Egg cutter for easy cutting of hard-boiled eggs.

Egg slicers make it easier to slice the boiled eggs and save a lot of time. They are a must-have tool if you like to eat eggs. The Egg slicer cutter provides a very beautiful and attractive egg shape to serve to guests or family members.

They are easy to carry tools you can carry them along with you easily anywhere you go. They can be folded and you can simply put them in your luggage.

So without wasting no more time lets quickly check some best egg slicer in India.

Best Egg Slicers in India

Best egg slicers cutters in IndiaBuild QualityEasy to CleanWires used
DeoDap egg slicer cutters
AverageYesStainless steel
Norpro Egg Mushroom Fruit Strawberry SlicerPremiumLittle HardStainless steel
Leifheit Duo Egg SlicerPremiumLittle HardStainless steel
Decorcrafts 2 in 1 Plastic Egg SlicerGoodYesStainless steel
Kai Japan Egg SlicerPremiumYesStainless steel

Best Egg Slicer Cutter in India

1. DeoDap egg slicer cutters

Best egg slicer in India

The DeoDap egg slicer cutter is the best egg slicer cutter in India.  

This egg slicer cutter is very convenient and easy to use to make delicious eggs at home or on the go. It can be easily folded to fit your bag. Its elegant and stylish international design sets it apart from all competitors.

It is made of durable and attractive chrome-plated zinc. The cutting wires are constructed from stainless steel. It also can be used to cut soft fruits and vegetables, such as strawberries, kiwi, and mushrooms.

It is multi-functional kitchen gadgets that help you to cut and store boiled eggs perfectly for salads and more.

The manual egg chopper is quick and easy to use. Lay the eggs on the surface, pull them down, and enjoy the proper slices.

I can guarantee you this egg slicer cutter will not disappoint you because I myself used it and recommend it to my friends and relatives. 


  • High-quality stainless steel wires.
  • Ergonomic cast aluminum handle and base.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Value for money.
  • Portable.


  • Need to clean it carefully.

2. Norpro Egg Mushroom Fruit Strawberry Slicer 

Best egg slicer in India

Second, in our list of Best egg slicer in India is a product not only work as an egg slicer cutter and but also can be used to slice cut fruits.

I was thinking to put this egg slicer cutter at first place but due to its price and I had to keep it at second place in this list of best egg slicer cutter.

Norpro is a big name in Kitchen chopper tools and that’s what makes this egg slicer cutter so special. This egg slicer comes with stainless steel wires evenly slice hard-boiled eggs and mushrooms or divides them into six equal segments.

This four-in-one tool slices eggs or mushrooms on the right side turns them into moon-shaped wedges on the left side, pierces the end of eggshells with a sharp little needle, and comes with a handy garnishing tool for creating your own edible masterpiece.

To prevent accidents, the egg piercer can be locked in the off position, keeping the sharp needle below the surface.

If you want a slicer that can be used for other purposes then this slicer cutter is best for you.


  • Egg slicer wedge piercer with garnishing tool.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Easy to use.
  • Premium build quality.


  • No cons.

3. Leifheit Duo Egg Slicer Cutter

Best egg slicer cutter in India

Leifheit is a great brand that makes many household items in nearly every household category.

At first glance, the product looks expensive, but once you use it, you’ll realize how good it is pretty quickly. They last a long time and always prove GREAT VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY.

Whether you are making a sandwich or egg salad, it will make your life easier. This egg slicer cutter has sturdy rustproof wires made of stainless steel which takes no time in slicing cutting the eggs.


  • Sturdy rustproof wires.
  • Value for money.
  • Brand value.
  • Build to last for a long time.


  • Bit expensive but total worth the value.

4. Decorcrafts 2 in 1 Plastic and Stainless Steel Wired Egg Slicer

Best egg slicer cutter in India

This egg slicer cutter is the fourth-best egg slicer in India.

It is a high-quality egg slicer cutter that contains wires that easily slice boiled eggs Just put the egg on the slicer and snap the flipper. You have several slices of eggs in a moment! Cut eggs into slices and/or segments for sandwiches and salads.

Notice: When cutting eggs, you must have a certain speed to make sure that incision formation, egg piece uniform. This is very handy & easy to use to make delicious eggs slice in your house or while you are traveling.

It can be folded easily to fit your Bag. Sleek and stylish international design sets it apart from any competition. Convenient mid-size design with high-quality wires.

This egg slicer gives very beauty and attractive shape to eggs slice serve to your guest or family member. This is very helpful to make decor to your dish for impression.


  • Easy to use to make delicious eggs slice.
  • Portable.
  • Compact.
  • Solid build quality.


  •  Bit flimsy, will last long if we handle it with care.

5. Kai Japan Stainless Steel Egg Slicer

best egg slicer cutter in india

This is a Japanese brand egg slicer and when there is any product made in Japan it automatically increases the trust. This egg slicer cutter is one of the best egg slicers in India available for so cheap.

It is made of stainless steel which cut the slices of eggs instantly. If you want quality egg slicer in cheap then look no further.


  • 100% value of money.
  • Premium quality.
  • Japanese Brand.
  • Easy to use.


  • No Cons


I hope you now you would have gotten the idea which egg slicer cutter you want according to your choice. I would prefer you to choose an egg slicer cutter which is made to last long. 

Thank you for checking our list Best Egg Slicer Cutter in India.

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