Top 8 Best Copper Water Bottles in India For 2021 – Reviews

A copper water bottle is the need of every person in summer. It prevents you from various health hazardous germs and bacteria that you get through others. A best copper water bottle contains one liter or more water enough to keep your throat moist all day.

A question arises here that why people go for copper water bottles? This is because pure copper enhances digestion, boosts up the immune system, kills harmful bacteria and halts the growth of germs, supports bones and joints, slows down the aging and improves hemoglobin amalgamation.

It helps in healing wounds and relieving pains. It prevents cell-damaging due to antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic nature. Not only this, copper is a vital element in producing melanin that is the pigmentation of eyes, skin, and hair in the human body.

Let’s have a detailed view of the best copper water bottles in India that are available in the market in different colors, shapes, capacity, and weight

Best Copper Water Bottles

Best Copper BottlesMaximum CapacityWeightLeak ProofWarranty
Prestige Tattva Copper Bottle950 mlLightweightYes15 days
EVERGROW Copper water bottle1 literLightweightYes10 days
Uddhav Copper water bottle
1 liter
Super LightweightYes10 days
Ayurveda copper water bottle1 literLightweightYes10 days
AGOTT Copper bottle
1 literLittle heavyYes10 days
Suprimo Copper water bottle1 literLightweightYou might some10 days
Solimo copper water bottle950 mlHeavyYes10 days
Milton copper bottle920 mlHeavyYes10 days

Best Copper Water Bottles in India

1. Prestige Reddish Brown Tattva copper bottle

Best copper water bottles in India

Are you looking for a bottle that keeps you healthy and hydrated in summer? Prestige Tattva copper water bottle is the best option for you due to its exquisite design that gives a perfect look with a glossy finish.

Manufacturers make sure its health benefits associated with copper and declare it the best & perfect solution for health-conscious consumers.

Prestige Tattva is a lightweight water bottle that is easy to carry anywhere, either in your hand or in your bag.

It is a natural phenomenon that glittery and glossy things attract others. It is featured with a smooth and glossy surface that attracts others as well as the owner to drink water from it now after regular intervals.

It is made up of pure copper and available in a reddish-brown color. Moreover, it is coated with a silicone seal that prevents it from leakage. Silicone coating makes it leak-proof.

The whole package contains 1-piece of a bottle having a capacity of 950ml, which means that it is best to fulfill the body’s needs of an individual.


  • Strong build copper bottle
  • Super Lightweight
  • Sleek design
  • Bottle Maximum capacity- 950 ml
  • Silicone seal
  • Leakproof


  • This bottle leaks sometimes

2. EVERGROW hammered proof copper water bottle

best copper water bottles in India

The brand name and the quality of the product tells everything, the EVERGROW brand. It doesn’t allow any other brand or seller to sell its products without any authorization. 

The world is facing major health issues, and mostly due to unhealthy eating habits. The best solution that doctors suggest is to store water in a copper utensil and drink four glass of water every morning before starting work.

It’s a lightweight water bottle with 280-gram weight, made up of pure copper, and featured with a stunning leak-proof design that is also hammered or nail proof.

This water bottle can store 1-liter water in it having dimensions as 9.8″ height and 3″ width. It is available in brown color.


  • Super durable and strong build copper bottle.
  • Super-sleek design.
  • Lightweight water bottle.
  • Maximum capacity of a bottle- 1 liter.


  • Bottle cap’s rubber can slides down, which is a disadvantage.

3. Uddhav gold pure copper water bottles

best copper water bottles in India

Are you a real yogi and drink water frequently? Get yoga health benefits from dirt proof, leak-proof, and jointless Ayurveda water bottle.

Support your health with the UDDHAV gold water bottle that makes it easier for you to drink the right amount of water each day. You can easily carry them out at your work, gym, or yoga studio with full confidence.

It is featured with a tight screw top lid that stays where it belongs and never causes water leakage.

Drinking stored water from a copper water bottle is based on the antique practice of Ayurveda. It’s a lightweight water bottle having 281 g weight and available in 7.6 x 7.6 x 25.4 cm dimensions.


  • Strong build copper bottle
  • Attractive Sleek design
  • Super Lightweight
  • Maximum capacity- 1 liter
  • No leakage problem
  • Silicon washer


  • No cons as of now.

4. Ayurveda copper water bottle

best copper water bottles in India

Ayurveda is an art printed lacquer best copper water bottles in India design for travelers, yogis, gym users, and workers.

It helps in pregnancy – doctors recommend pregnant women to ensure proper copper intake because copper helps in the formation of unborn child’s skeleton, blood vessels, nervous system, and heart.

It prevents from water-borne diseases, slows down aging, aids in weight loss, and maintains hemoglobin level.

It’s an anti-inflammatory, stimulates the brain, and regulates the working of the thyroid gland.

It is made up of pure copper and crafted in printed design. It is suggested to clean it by hand instead of the dishwasher. However, pitambri powder is used to clean copper utensils with a soft cotton cloth for wiping purpose.  

It is also helpful in fighting against cancer because copper promotes angiogenesis.


  • Solid build copper bottle
  • Super attractive & sleek design
  • Maximum water capacity- 1 liter
  • Leakproof bottle


  • Bottle’s cap is not so sturdy

5. TAGOTT Apsara handmade antique pure copper water bottle

Best Copper Water Bottles in India

TAGOTT, with its best quality products, brings high standard best copper water bottles in India for daily use. TAGOTT has suggested the best solution for your needs in the form of the water bottle.

It is made up of pure copper and dual coated with lacquer for the perfect and glossy finish that long last its color. Copper bottles are inspected at each phase during onsite inspection.

TAGOTT always works for you to give you an overall soft, unforgettable, and gentle life experience so that you don’t feel hesitation while recommending others. 

Science, as well as Ayurveda, has proved it that drinking water from copper vessels that are stored in it for about 8-10 hours is beneficial for your health.

It is easy to clean as these are joint-free, rust-free, and leak-proof cap seal bottles with a wide sharpness. Take a lemon or vinegar with salt and rinse your bottle with water. You do not need to use a brush, a soft cloth, or even a dishwasher.

It is leak-free because it is a joint-free bottle with a slight curve. Its cap is fitted with good quality plastic and silicone ring to prevent its leakage. This is specially designed for the athletes, yogis, and sportsmen by keeping their needs under consideration.


  • 100% leak proof.
  • Elegant look and jointless.
  • Hand crafted Pure Copper Water Bottle.
  • For maximum benefits keep the water overnight.
  • It can be carried to office, school, or any outdoor location.


  • No cons

6. Suprimo printed antique design pure copper water bottle

Best copper water bottles in India

When it comes to health, intake of water from copper water is the best you can do. Go and grab Suprimo – printed, engraved, and antique design with no joints and capacity of storing 1-liter water easily. 

Today society has crossed advanced boundaries where UV filters and Ro purifiers are working great. The storage of water in metal containers seems outdated and outraged or, in other words, no need for copper utensils at all. With Suprimo printed, designed copper water bottle, one can support old-aged practice to get lots of health benefits!

It’s a wide and arc less bottle with simple frame. Its lid tightens it and never let water shake out. 

It is available in black color with colorful prints over it. Drinking water from the copper bottle keeps you look young and fitter.

Avoid dishwasher to wash it. Use pitambri powder and wipe it with a soft cotton rag.   


  • Strong build copper bottle
  • Stylish design
  • The bottle is lightweight
  • Maximum water capacity- 1 liter
  • Bottle is leakproof


  • Bottle’s cap is not sturdy enough

7. Solimo copper water bottle

best copper water bottles in India

Solimo copper bottle is an outer screwed bottle with 100 pure copper composition having capacity 950 ml to store water.

It’s lightweight and portable, which means you can carry it out anywhere without fear of spilling because it is fitted with a leak-proof outer-screwed cap.

Its outer look grabs the attention of everyone and makes one who holds it a glamourous and stylish personality. The smooth and glossy finish seems like it is aesthetically appealing.

It is featured with the insulating ability, which means it withstands extreme temperatures without getting scratched. It is available in a scratch-free durable material that ensures its long-lasting usage. 

The original copper makes sure that the bottle stays corrosion-free. A mixture of copper makes black spots and bottles turn into black.

Solimo best copper water bottles in India are available in leak-roof material with an outer-screwed cap. The outer-screwed cap prevents its spillage and keeps your bags safe.

These bottles are smell-free, which means you can drink water without lingering any unpleasant smell. It can be easily washed and facilitates preservation.


  • Leak-proof.
  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Glossy and smooth finish for aesthetic appeal.
  • Light and easy to carry anywhere.
  • Compatible with dishwasher.


  • Not very good reviews.

8. Milton copperas 1000 copper bottle

Best Copper Water Bottles in India

You probably are thinking why a copper water bottle of brand Milton is last in our list of best copper water bottles in India? The simple answer is Customer Reviews.

Milton coppers 1000 has brought the copper bottle to you in the form of the white gold bottle from ancient Ayurveda – the house of MILTON. It seems curvy in appearance and made up of 99.9% pure copper.

Copper bottles are the perfect companion for those who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle because these are nominated as brain-stimulator, anti-oxidant, and anti-bacterial utensils.

It represents the hard work and talent of beautiful and handcrafted functional artists.

Drinking water from copper utensils ensures the proper functioning of different organs and several other metabolic processes.

Its weight is 399g and available in 7.7 x 7.7 x 22.5 cm dimensions.


  • Leak-Proof.
  • Increases immunity.
  • Boost heart health.
  • Slows down aging.
  • Outside of the bottle is coated with quality lacquer.


  • Average Customer Reviews.

Buyer's Guide For Best Copper Bottles in India

A lot of variety has been stocked in the market related to water bottles but try to keep these points under consideration while buying the best copper water bottles in India:

1. Easy to wash

Bad water bottles are considered as those which are difficult to wash and have a complex structure.

Water bottles should be durable, which means after being used, it maintains its shape and does not produce bad odor.

2. Capacity

Capacity means the ability to store water – an individual water bottle must have 1-2 liter capacity of storing water, which is the basic purpose behind carrying the water bottle.

The minimum capacity of the best copper water bottles in India should be up to standard so that one can fulfill his/her needs by refilling it twice or thrice a day.

If you need a copper bottle for the family, then you must go for large size bottles having capacity 5-6 liters.  

3. Materials’ durability

Copper water bottles can be made up of pure copper, as well as a mixture of copper.

The basic technique of distinguishing its material is to check its design.

Copper is one of the metal categories that are difficult to mold, but if it is mold, then it means it is composed of the copper mixture, not pure copper. Therefore, go to its design and structure durability first before purchasing.

4. Leakproof

Water bottles come in the various waterproof coating. Some of them prove bad quality like punching it with a nail, which can cause a leak.

Notice its coating layer carefully If it is leak-proof or not.

5. Insulator

Insulation power makes copper water bottles a more demanding thing among people. Everyone wants to owe an insulating copper water bottle; either he is a student or an office worker.

Insulation keeps water cold, especially in summer, when it’s a hot sunny day outside, and refrigerators are also not working well.

6. Weight

A water bottle is the need of the day, and everyone has to carry it. So, lightweight copper bottles are preferred over heavy-weight bottles.

How to Clean Copper Water Bottles

You also have to learn how to keep these bottles hygienic and clean. It is quite important to make sure the cleanliness of the bottle prevents them from bad odor.

Clean the bottles regularly as Clean copper water bottles from inside before using it again and again.

Prepare a dilute solution of salt, lemon juice, and vinegar and put it in a bottle – close the lid and gently shake the bottle with force.

Pour out the mixture and rinse it with clean water. Don’t make use of scrubs to clean bottles from outside.


Variety makes the decision difficult for customers. Go through the above described best copper water bottles in India guide and get help while choosing the best one for yourself.

Keeping all specifications and features apart, first look at your budget and then make alignments of your budget along with your requirements and product specifications. More you invest more good products you will obtain.

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